Using bitcoin to get endless meal

There is an old Hungarian fable that says that there is a restaurant table somewhere that every time you eat at it, you get a free meal. You just have to find that table. Once you do, you will have endless free meals for life.

With bitcoin you can achieve this with a simple investment strategy. The next time you go out for a nice meal, check the final receipt. Take the amount on the receipt and multiply it times ten. Invest that amount into a single bitcoin purchase. So if you go out with your significant other and you end up spending $100 all together, put $1,000 toward a bitcoin purchase. It is simple and straightforward through

Now, every time the bitcoin price goes up by 10%, go out for a meal and pay in bitcoins. There are several restaurants in the US that accept bitcoins, just check for your local area. Otherwise you can buy a gift card at hundreds of restaurants (at a discount) at sites like Gyft or eGifter (check out for a good list.

Now you have endless meals. The current price of bitcoin is at $10,000. At $11,000 you would have a free meal, which is not too far fetched since the price was less than $9000 just two days ago. With several thousand percentage rise in bitcoin prices over the past few years a 10% rise is not too far fetched. And the worst case scenario you’re out a few nice meals worth of money.

This is the beauty of a currency that is not inflationary, you can spend small amounts and still retain value in your currency. I often use to buy things on Amazon. I put $300 on there early 2017 before the price shot up. Now my wallet is over $3000 and I usually don’t spend that much money on Amazon purchases. So I will make a $200 purchase here and there and continue to have more money in my wallet the next time I need something from Amazon. Sure I could go nuts and spend it all, but I prefer to have a never ending Amazon wallet for things I need instead of things I want.

My sister bought one bitcoin back when the price was $250. She watched as the price went up to $500 so she booked a hotel for her vacation through Expedia for half of her bitcoin. The next time she was going on vacation the price had doubled again so she booked her hotel with half of her bitcoins again.

And that is the point of Bitcoin. To use it instead of your inflationary fiat currency. For everyone to start treating it as a currency and a store of value so your money doesn’t lose value the longer you keep it, but instead gain value.