WordPress websites can now accept instant Bitcoin payments: thanks to Blockstream

WordPress websites can now accept instant Bitcoin payments

Blockstream Inc, a blockchain solution company founded in 2014, has released a new Lightning App (LApp). It’s a WordPress plugin that allows users to accept payment in Bitcoin and other Lightning network supported crypto-currencies.

30% of the web is powered by WordPress. And more than 20% e-commerce stores are powered by Woo-commerce, a WordPress e-commerce plugin. By introducing a LApp for WordPress, Blockstream is edging one step closer towards the universal acceptance of Bitcoin.

The plugin is called Lightning Publisher and allows any WordPress publisher to accept Bitcoin via Lightning network instantly.

The plugin comes Blockstreams LApps development division under the hashtag name of Week of LApps (#WeekOfLApps), an initiative by Blockstream to release a new LApp every week. Blockstream has been instrumental in the development of the Lightning Network and the maintenance of the Original Bitcoin codebase.

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