This is the time to buy bitcoin

This is the time to buy bitcoin

For those newcomers out there in this subreddit (and I know there are many of you, as the subreddit has grown very rapidly in the last 12 months), this is the time to buy.

In all the times that you felt left out, on the sidelines with no capital to invest that will yield any significant amount of bitcoin, the door has now opened. For most, when good things happen such as the price rising meteorically, they feel very good and sort of just “ride the wave.” Unfortunately, those same people usually ride the wave down as well. Therefore, when it comes time when the price has dipped into ranges like we see today, misery increases.

We are social creatures, and thus we mimic each others’ emotions in order to fit in. Fitting in, however, is not how you get ahead. It’s not how you make money. In order to do that, you need to go against the grain and take risks. The risk that presents itself in these situations is the possibility of community disillusionment to such an extreme degree that we see capitulation to much lower levels. This, however unlikely, is still a possibility.

To summarize what I’m saying here, most of us simply “project” the sentiments of those around us, rather than exercising our own agency. When this happens, our free will is stripped of us, and we get stuck in a loop that is beholden to the whims of the collective.

To have agency requires suffering, sadly… And a lot of it.

Those “evil” people, such as Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, and others, have acquired so much wealth in this ecosystem because they have bought through the horrific dips (and undoubtedly helped to cause some, but for now, that’s beside the point). These types of people, unfortunately, are banking on you showing that you do not exist as a sovereign individual, and thus being justified in treating you as some type of slave. It’s sickening, but true. There aren’t too many people like Ver and Wu in this world, but there are enough of them to do some real damage.

The philosophy that may help you to get through this painful cycle is to think of it this way: you’re taking coins out of the hands of Wu and Ver, and those like them. Your hands will be more steady in their actions, more virtuous, and will help build things. Not only does this increase your strength, but in however small a manner, it decreases theirs.

That’s why it is those who truly believe in the idea of bitcoin that tend to buy more in the dips, and acquire more of a market share… And why bad actors do so as well, from what I can tell. Bad actors have a belief that you are not able to make your own decisions. Good actors have a belief that something beautiful can come out of this all.

What is the one unifying factor of it all? There is some type of belief. That’s the way it always is. You only have efficacy in the world if you believe in something, no matter what it is. Prove you want bitcoin and aren’t simply a projection by suffering mightily through these periods, and buying more.

That’s all. Have a good day, and keep kicking ass and taking names, bitcoiners 🙂