Fundstrat’s Tom Lee: Bitcoin Price Set To Rise In Late-April After Tax Day

Bitcoin prices will probably climb after April 17, when Tax Day in the United States is over. That’s what Fundstrat co-founder Tom Lee, a referred to bitcoin bull, predicts.

Lee stated the current drop in bitcoin’s charge amid a flurry of sell-offs used to be partly induced by way of investors rabidly attempting to sell off their cryptocurrency holdings to keep away from paying taxes on them.

Bitcoin’s price has plunged beneath $6,700 nowadays from its top of $19,000 in December 2017. The top cryptocurrency by means of market cap has been decimated during the previous few weeks amid an avalanche of terrible news, along with crypto advertising and marketing bans by means of Twitter and Google.

Email distribution platform MailChimp also joined the fray, banning cryptocurrency and ICO ads, citing the want to forestall “scams, fraud, phishing, and probably misleading enterprise practices.”

But Lee said the selling stress will ease up as soon as Tax Day passes. He estimates that U.S. bitcoin buyers owe about $25 billion in capital-gains taxes for 2017, thanks to BTC’s soaring fees final year. Accordingly, the Internal Revenue Service has been attempting to gather taxes on these crypto gains.

“The $25 billion would characterize 20% of capital gain tax receipts (payments) to Treasury, which explains why the IRS cares so lots about gathering crypto taxes,” Lee stated in a note. “Total receipts for capital positive factors must hit a report $168 billion (for profits tax yr 2017), exceeding the $137 billion of receipts in 2007.”

Lee: Selling Pressure Will Wane

Tom Lee believes the selling pressure on bitcoin and accompanying rate drops will calm down as soon as Tax Day passes.

“Selling strain for bitcoin ought to be alleviated after April 15th,” Lee said. Tax Days falls on April 17 this yr because the 15th is a Sunday.

However, Lee advised that cryptocurrencies may want to remain under strain if governments step up regulatory scrutiny.

“Regulatory headline danger is nonetheless substantial. And sentiment remains awful, as measured via our bitcoin misery index, which is still analyzing misery.”

It’s real that Lee’s Bitcoin Misery Index lately plunged to its lowest degree given that 2011. But that’s absolutely correct news for crypto fans, because the distress index is a contrarian index. That ability the lower it falls, the higher a time it is to invest in BTC.

Good News! Bitcoin Misery Index Tanked

Lee stated when the Bitcoin Misery Index drops under 27, bitcoin sees its exceptional 12-month performance. Last month, the index used to be at 18.8 on a scale of a hundred That’s abymal, which for Lee signals that it’s a correct time to buy.