If you truly want to Understand the Lightning Network, I’ve just recently published 4 podcast episodes breaking it down and answering all the common FUD…

I used to be really active on this subreddit but haven’t been in quite a while. I have since started a podcast reading audio versions of all the best Bitcoin articles in the space. I can always consume content at about 100x the rate in audio form than in written form. I started the podcast assuming I am probably not the only who would’ve benefitted greatly from something like that being available. With that, I have ventured back to r/bitcoinrecently and seen questions and concerns about Lightning network that show how unfamiliar many still are with it.

The last 4 episodes of my podcast have all been dedicated to painting a picture of the system that makes the Lightning Network both secure and a significant innovation to crypto. The first 3 break it down at a technical level by reading, summarizing, and commentating on Aaron van Wirdum’s (from BitcoinMagazine) excellent explanatory series that was one of my first introductions to it a few years back. Then the 4th episode is a final summary (repetition is the only way to really get the whole picture) and then I answer a lot of the common complaints and FUD around it that can be easily addressed from a clear technical perspective.

I have done this specifically for new people who want to learn, so I hope somebody can get something out of it. I have a few friends that have listened to it multiple times trying to get a better understanding (which might be needed). With that, I’ll provide the links and feel free to share it with anyone you think will be interested or who believes something about Lightning that just isn’t remotely true. Hopefully this can shed some light.

Episode 47 – Understanding the Lightning Network: Part 1

Episode 48 – Understanding the Lightning Network: Part 2

Episode 49 – Understanding the Lightning Network: Part 3

Episode 50 – Don’t Count Your FUD Before Lightning Strikes: 15 Claims Against Lightning, Answered

I haven’t looked at the podcast to verify yet. But it is great that you have invested the time to make them and publish them here for newcomers. Thank you. When I am free I will verify them. (Big thumbs up)