Thai Suphan Hong Swan Hall (Suphannahong)

Thai Suphan Hong Swan Hall (Suphannahong) 

Suphan Hong Swan Hall One of the boats. And ceremonial The Chaos The boat is considered very important. Currently exhibited at the National Museum. Royal boat Mouth of Bangkok Noi Canal Bangkok

The Suphan Hong Swan was first mentioned in the Ayutthaya period of the Emperor’s reign around 1548. [1] In the Ayutthaya period, it was called “Suwan Swan”. That’s it.





In the book, the legendary Thai warship, Phra Somdej Phraya Damrongrattanaphat has said. Sri Suphan Swan built in the Rattanakosin era during the reign of King Rama I. According to archives, in 2370, the order was arranged. “Srisuwan Swan” is a vessel that was derived from Vientiane. In the reign of King Rama III and King Rama IV called the boat. “Srisuphan Swan” Srisuphan Swan has deteriorated. It has been repaired several times.

Suphan Buri Lighthouse The royal boat King Chulalongkorn was ordered to continue the new boat because the Srisuphan Swan boat was too old to repair. But it was completed in the reign of King Rama VI. The name of the boat is Suphan Swan. Major General Phraya Ratchawong (Krongsakul) was commissioned to perform the water ceremony on November 13, 1911….