Blue Frontiers is thrilled to formalize a partnership with ZenCash.

“Blue Frontiers is thrilled to formalize a partnership with ZenCash. We recognize ZenCash as a leader in the cryptocurrency space – a leader that is true to core values of privacy and decentralization. We’ve been honored to have ZenCash founder Rob Viglione present at our First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering in May of 2017, return to Tahiti to lead a blockchain workshop in October, and to have him share the vision of seasteading during his presentations around the world. Rob has been instrumental in giving significant guidance to the Blue Frontiers token development. He is an asset to the cryptocurrency space and a true seasteader.” Randy Hencken

ZenCash is leading the way on some key blockchain technologies such as high privacy cryptocurrency, a peer-to-peer economic platform, and, importantly, a modern blockchain-based voting system leveraging zero-knowledge cryptography and game theory that could potentially have applications in how seasteads organize. ZenCash and Blue-Frontiers are philosophically aligned in using technology and the startup mindset to solve real-world issues, including social, economic, environmental, and even long-standing issues in politics with imperfect voting mechanisms.