Walmart patents a new way of managing energy with cryptocurrency

Walmart has patented a new method of managing energy demand with the use of cryptocurrency. The energy producer would sell cryptocurrency up to its maximum capacity. Each device would hold a certain amount of crypto and after the device has consumed energy it would send crypto to the provider. The provider would check periodically (daily, weekly, monthly) to ensure that there is still crypto available on the device before continuing service.

A method and system for managing a demand on an electrical grid is provided, including: receiving a capped total amount of cryptocurrency available to purchase units of energy from an energy provider, the capped amount of cryptocurrency being recorded in a publicly distributed transaction ledger, allocating a portion of the cryptocurrency of the capped total amount of cryptocurrency to each energy consumption device, wherein the portion of the cryptocurrency allocated to each energy consumption device is recorded in the ledger, receiving, a request from an energy consumption device of the plurality of energy consumption devices that the energy metering device purchase an energy unit, using the portion of cryptocurrency allocated to the first energy consumption device, accessing the publically distributed transaction ledger in response to receiving the request from the first energy consumption to verify that the first energy consumption device has a remaining amount of cryptocurrency.