Blue Frontiers Partners with Kleros to Provide Blockchain Justice on Floating Seastead Communities

The companies will work towards integrating decentralised arbitration into the governance of Seastead communities to resolve disputes relating to virtually any product or service.

Kleros is a decision-making protocol which uses blockchain and crowdsourcing for adjudicating claims. The platform connects users who need to solve disputes with jurors who have the skills to fairly settle them. The system relies on incentives backed by the game theoretical concept of Schelling point in order to motivate anonymous jurors to rule cases correctly. Kleros means “chance” in Greek. The system is based in some principles for random jury selection which were known by the Athenians twenty five centuries ago. The result is a peer-to-peer justice system able to solve the disputes of the Internet age in a fast, transparent and inexpensive way.

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