Forget the Lambo, some bitcoin hodlers are buying their future homes on seasteads

While many dream of buying a lambo with their bitcoins, some are dreaming of seasteads


The common meme within the bitcoin world whenever the price starts heading north, in addition to pictures of rockets, trains and the moon is the idea that the ultimate prize for hodlers is buying a lambo.

Hodlers going to a bitcoin meetup

That may be the dream of past price increases but it may soon be replaced by a new prize for these crypto enthusiasts. A futuristic home on a seastead. Where decentralization of atoms meets decentralization of bits. The utopian dream of leaving your current government and joining others to start a new one in a fully decentralized way.

Blue Frontiers concept design showing wind and solar energy


While once reserved for dreamers and sci-fi fans, seasteading appears to be finally happening. A spin off of The Seasteading Institute, Blue Frontiers, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the government of French Polynesia which allows Blue Frontiers to begin building their initial pilot project in one of French Polynesia’s protected lagoons to begin building as soon as 2022.


Initial pilot project barely a speck on the horizon of the large lagoon

The ultimate goal of seasteading is to build floating communities/nations out in the open ocean free from any national jurisdiction. Phase 1 calls for getting through many of the engineering hurdles in a protected waterway to allow for experimentation while being good stewards of the underlying sea life, potentially improving the area through wise use practices and being incentivised to protect their immediate surroundings from the encroaching pollution and disruption that humans are causing to our oceans. They can be assured that at least this small piece of ocean is under constant supervision and care. Things like using the shadows (1) of the seastead to help the coral underneath to achieve ideal temperatures. Encouraging sea life with coral farms (2) on the seastead as well as other best practices for enabling the growth of life which can be observed first hand (3) by marine biologists and informed residents. The seastead will be built to encourage sustainability through solar and wind for energy and rain catchment (4) and historically proven approaches to obtain fresh water. Underwater drones and other devices can be used to publicly record the progress of the effects that the seastead is having on the local area which will provide information on how to improve conditions to make the immediate area more conducive to sea life growth.

Concept demonstrating how Blue Frontiers plans on being good stewards of the local lagoon

After the Phase 1 approach proves the viability of the technology of seasteads, Phase 2 will move the seastead to 12nm outside of the host nation’s territory giving far more autonomy than could be obtained while in the lagoon. At that point, after leaving the local lagoon better off than when the seastead began they can test other engineering challenges such as floating breakwaters that create energy from the movement of the waves and other engineering challenges while still being within a short distance of land for supply runs or taking shelter when the weather picks up until the engineering has proven itself capable of protecting the seastead thoroughly.

Blue Frontiers concept design

The final phase, Phase 3, is full autonomy in international waters. At this point the technology has proven itself. A system has been put into place for full replication of seasteads so that both living and manufacturing of seasteads is viable in the deep sea. The open ocean has many benefits to seasteaders as they are no longer restricted by mineral rights or government regulations. While they will still want to protect their surrounding environment as man destroys the oceans everywhere else, they can benefit from their distance from such pollution and destruction of our oceans in a way that no nations can, creating a thriving ecosystem through all of the best practices they learned throughout all three phases. Along with having the ability to start new cities/nations on the open seas, seasteads may be our last resort to escaping the centralized destruction that is causing so much erosion on land. It may ultimately become the ultimate utopia that people are looking for. Or at least, it may ultimately come down to not seeking a utopia as protecting the few freedoms you currently have left. That’s definitely not something you can get from buying a lambo.

Living the life of freedom on a seastead


So how do you buy your future residence on the world’s first seastead? You start by buying varyon at This is the currency that Blue Frontiers will use for selling/renting property, staking locations on the water, staking residency, paying for electricity, water, etc. Any interaction with Blue Frontiers will all go through varyon. Seasteads will be sold at auction with the minimum bid being the amount of money it cost to build the seastead to ensure that the value of varyon does not go down once a seastead is sold due to being a lower price than the costs.
How much will it cost? Estimates given are an average of $200,000-$300,000 per unit with small apartments being less, bungalows being near the average and detached family homes being more expensive.
How many varyon do you need? While you could buy $200,000 worth of varyon today, it is likely not necessary as it will likely rise along with or faster than the bitcoin price between now and when bitcoin halves as it has been shown that most cryptocurrencies follow the bitcoin price. Who knows, maybe $50k today (cheaper than a lambo) can get you that seastead bungalow on the first seastead where you will be living in paradise.
The pre-sale ends July 14 giving bonuses of 15% for buying over 40 ETH worth of varyon. So forget the lambo, buy varyon now so you have 15% more to spend on your seastead bungalow in paradise.

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