Are you a fan of @the_wynns ..?.. Now they accept Bitcoin after Jason had a problem with his bank account in the US

Jason and Nikki Wynn have spent six years of travel on an epic road trip around North America with an awe inspiring highlight being their trek around Alaska.  They would live there if they weren’t suffering from Sedentary Lifeaphobia (and summer lasts forever).

Now they’re on a sailing voyage about the world. Their vessel is their home and they’re always on the move with an irrefutable desire to search, explore, discover, grow, learn and share.

Part of their sharing is their Youtube channel that has almost 200k subscribers who take part in their daily lives aboard ‘Curiosity’ traveling port to port with their two cats Cleo and Singa.

While they do some video work and other side jobs to make money they have some dedicated followers that participate in their Patreon page which allows them to continue on their journey and share their adventure.

Recently, while the Wynns were in Ecuador, Jason had his Chase bank account frozen (due to them seeing activity on their card in Ecuador, after he called and told them he would be in Ecuador). The only way that Chase would unlock their funds was if Jason walked into a Chase bank in person to verify his identity. This meant flying all the way back to the US just to have access to his money. Which he ended up doing.

As anyone who has been using Bitcoin long enough is probably thinking right now. If he had bitcoins he wouldn’t have to worry about asking permission to use his own money no matter where he is in the world.

So now, along with their patreon page the Wynns are now accepting Bitcoin from their loyal followers. Hopefully they get enough people sending them donations in bitcoin that they never have to fly back to the US again to deal with their bank. They can just find the nearest person on localbitcoins and have the local currency readily available.


From their Youtube channel:

👉🏽The Bank Situation
• We now have Bitcoin! After years of people telling us “get bitcoin” we finally made the leap. And by request we’ll be adding the Bitcoin QR code to our Tip Jar:


If you would like to help get the Wynns started on Bitcoin, here is their QR code.



*while I hope you would trust this site, best practice when it comes to Bitcoin is to go to their site directly before sending bitcoins to their address.

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