Early Bitcoin Adopter Gavin Newsom gets Elected Governor of California

Early Bitcoin Adopter Gavin Newsom won an easy victory on Tuesday night in the race for California Governor.

Democrat Newson won against Republican John Cox by a landslide. 51-year-old Newsom had been trying his luck to become governor for a decade and has finally succeeded to become the governor of California state.

Gavin was the first governor to accept Bitcoin back in 2014 to show his support to the technology.

He had said:

“I should promote the technology ever so subtly by saying I’ll accept bitcoin in the campaign.”


Although Gavin started off accepting Cryptocurrencies for his campaign this year he later took it off his website due to the ban on donations.

There have been controversies this year over politicians accepting Cryptocurrency donations to their campaigns. Due to worries about foreign interference especially with the use of privacy coins like Monero, many of the politicians retracted the Cryptocurrency donation option from their campaigns.

Gavin Newsom Tweeted:

Now is the time for going far and going together. For facts. For trust. For truth. Now is the time for leaders to lead.

This is California’s moment. Incredibly honored and privileged to serve as this great state’s next Governor.

Another Bitcoin-friendly U.S Representative Jared Polis has won the Colorado governor race. Polis is a vocal advocate for Cryptocurrencies, he has also published a few action steps in his website on Blockchain integration in state affairs.

Although Bitcoin was first adopted mainly by Libertarians as it is the perfect Utopian currency, it has found fascination amongst people of all political beliefs and diverse backgrounds.

A currency in itself should be neutral and should not be tied with politics.

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