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This is why a Bitcoin ETF is a bad idea

The US stock market is in free fall today sending stock prices plunging.     Good news for bitcoin price right? Bitcoin is the safe haven to store your wealth while the economy tanks.   But it

Bot Goes Wild, Sends Bitcoin to Nearly $8,000 on Bitstamp

“Bot went wild. Trading was halted,” Nejc Kodrič, Bitstamp’s co-founder statedearlier today, clarifying it was a client’s bot. A bot that caused some chaos on euro pairs during a period of about 23 minutes starting at about 1:12

Largest Movie Theater Chain in Thailand to Accept Bitcoin

Thailand’s largest movie theater chain, Major Cineplex, is reportedly integrating crypto payments to allow customers to pay for its services and products with cryptocurrency, including movie tickets and popcorn. Thailand recently began regulating crypto businesses. This week,

House Financial Services Subcommittee on Monetary Policy and Trade explores the topic of Bitcoin

The irrelevant House Financial Services Subcommittee of the United States convened today to discuss monetary policy with regards to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. The bitcoin price rose to $7600 just before the hearing and came down a bit

Forget the Lambo, some bitcoin hodlers are buying their future homes on seasteads

While many dream of buying a lambo with their bitcoins, some are dreaming of seasteads   The common meme within the bitcoin world whenever the price starts heading north, in addition to pictures of rockets, trains and

Varyon — Buying, Staking, Referenda for Seasteads & SeaZones.

Buying, Staking, Referenda for Seasteads & SeaZones Blue Frontiers has shared an updated Whitepaper for Varyon. The token design has been adjusted with considerable input from expert advisers and community input. The whitepaper will be kept in draft format until

Company that builds ‘floating islands’ offers $100,000 bounty to any takers

While still supported by French Polynesia, company launches campaign to persuade governments around the world  An artist’s impression of a floating island by company Blue Frontiers. Photograph: Blue Frontiers A company attempting to build floating man-made islands

Is ‘seasteading’ a delusion or could floating cities be a lifeline for Pacific nations?

The proposed location is a calm, circular Tahitian atoll. The water is shallow and protected from damaging waves. Bobbing up and down in the lagoon are futuristic floating dwellings with clean lines and grass-covered roofs. This is

Blue Frontiers Partners with Kleros to Provide Blockchain Justice on Floating Seastead Communities

The companies will work towards integrating decentralised arbitration into the governance of Seastead communities to resolve disputes relating to virtually any product or service. Kleros is a decision-making protocol which uses blockchain and crowdsourcing for adjudicating claims.

Bitcoin price indicating a change in direction

Yesterday I told you to keep an eye out for a false breakout: Biggest indicator that you need to pay attention to today   Today we can see that the false breakout happened. This is very bullish