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Blockchain’s Killer App? Making Trade Wars Obsolete

Pindar Wong is the chairman of VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd and a member of CoinDesk’s advisory board. An internet pioneer, he co­founded the first licensed Internet Service Provider in Hong Kong in 1993.  The following article originally appeared in

2018 #blockchain funding already surpasses 2017 totals | #fintech #business

BankDhofar, a bank based in Oman, joined the network in an effort to tap into Ripple’s blockchain technology for cross-border payments. Bitcoin and blockchain technology companies are continuing to raise money from venture capitalists and investors, with

You know why Bitcoin can never really “go to zero?”

  You know why Bitcoin can never really “go to zero?” Because there are too many of us involved in Bitcoin that actually believe in it. And we wont be selling.. bitcoin is heart of all currency 



For decades architects and futurists have dreamed of seasteading, a way of living in floating, green-tech cities on the high seas. Now, thanks to the help of a cryptocurrency, the world’s first pilot project is underway. THE

Crypto Floating Island Project Closer to Realization

Blue Frontiers has signed a much-publicized memorandum of understanding with French Polynesia. The Floating Island Project is exactly as it reads, only it’s to be an independent government complete with its own cryptocurrency. An idea long thought

EU Parliament Touts Blockchain to ‘Empower’ Businesses and Citizens

Members of the European Parliament believe small businesses could benefit from integrating blockchain technology. The Industry, Research and Energy committee voted Wednesday to recommend that small businesses look into blockchain payment systems in a move aimed at

Cryptocurrency Used As A New National Currency On Floating Pacific Island

A group of academics, philanthropists and investors are working together to literally launch an independent floating island by 2020. This project was initially run as a pilot in partnership with the French Polynesian government, and will contain

What makes varyon special ….?

A core structural feature of current models of government is centralization. Too much centralized authority leads to inefficient bureaucracies and representatives disconnected from the people they are meant to serve. Given a suitable technological solution, governments are

Switzerland First in Ranking of Top 10 Most Blockchain-Friendly Countries in Europe

News Switzerland is ranked number one in a list of the top ten European countries for starting a blockchaincompany, according to a studyreleased by blockchain conference BlockShow Europe 2018. In the list of best countries for starting