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Facebook Is Hiring 5 New Staff Members for Its Blockchain Team

Facebook is hiring. The social media giant now has five job openings for blockchain talent at its Menlo Park, California, headquarters in the areas of data science, software engineering and marketing. While the firm’s possible plans for

Forget the Lambo, some bitcoin hodlers are buying their future homes on seasteads

While many dream of buying a lambo with their bitcoins, some are dreaming of seasteads   The common meme within the bitcoin world whenever the price starts heading north, in addition to pictures of rockets, trains and

Varyon — Buying, Staking, Referenda for Seasteads & SeaZones.

Buying, Staking, Referenda for Seasteads & SeaZones Blue Frontiers has shared an updated Whitepaper for Varyon. The token design has been adjusted with considerable input from expert advisers and community input. The whitepaper will be kept in draft format until