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“Gold is dead… Bitcoin has more utility than gold. There is some chance for Bitcoin to be valuable in the future.” <--- Is Krugman going nuts? What next, will he become a HODLer???

Despite its 70% Price Drop, Bitcoin Surpassed Gold in Settlement Volume Nic Carter, a well respected cryptocurrency researcher, has said that Bitcoin has surpassed the OTC gold market in settlement volumes, even amidst a 70 percent drop

Nasdaq and Gemini Deepen Relationship, Nasdaq Moves Closer To Listing Coins

Remember that ‘secret meeting’ in Chicago between Nasdaq leadership and several different crypto companies and personalities of distinction? It was reported by Bloomberg about three weeks ago. That meeting and subsequent conversations have led to two specific developments that

20 Thai Crypto Exchanges Have Applied for New Digital Assets Licenses

Thailand’s new licensing system for firms working with digital assets has seen a flurry of applications from companies seeking to offer token sales and exchange services just weeks after it went into effect, an official has said.

Just saw this famous Beverly Hills Jeweler showing $200 million in Jewels, accepting Bitcoin


“Bitcoin has the potential to become the first worldwide currency and we’re trying to make that happen” – ICE founder, Chairman, and CEO Jeffrey Sprecher

The chief executive of the company that owns and operates the world’s largest stock exchange believes that bitcoin has the potential to be the world’s “first worldwide currency,” and he’s throwing his firm’s weight behind an ambitious

“Bitcoin is Erasing 300 Years of Monetary Evolution” is not a criticism, it’s exactly why I use it!

Bitcoin is Erasing 300 Years of  Monetary Evolution:  Nobel Economist  Paul Krugman   Paul Krugman bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain American economist Paul Krugman has taken another swing bitcoin, arguing that the prominent cryptocurrency, as well as its peers,

Stellar Month: July’s Top Performing Crypto Asset Saw 40% Gains

Bitcoin’s 26 percent rally left many a cryptocurrency in the dust over the course of July. Indeed, the bitcoin dominance rate, a widely used indicator that tracks the percentage of the total crypto market cap contributed by

Gallup Poll: 75% of US Investors Think Bitcoin Is ‘Very Risky’, I would say it’s risky NOT owning bitcoin.

Three-quarters of U.S. investors with more than $10,000 in stocks, bonds and mutual funds think bitcoin is a “very risky” investment, a new survey revealed Monday. A poll conducted by Gallup and Wells Fargo asked U.S.-based investors about

Last week 604 BTC were traded using Localbitcoin Venezuela, one BTC is around 28,700,000,000 Bs. (Bolivares), minimum wage is 17,350 satoshis per month.

Hi guys, living here. I make more than minimum wage, but it’s never enough here (there is inflation even in USD!). https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2016-venezuela-cafe-con-leche-index/ In 3 weeks government will knockoff 5 zeroes from the currency (original plan was 3)

A Solution to China’s Pharma Woes Might Be a Blockchain Away

A still-evolving vaccine scandal in China prompted a range of social media discussions in the past week around how blockchain could have prevented such a situation – or how it might be used to stop it in